Cutting Edge Lasers and Creativity Symposium

20-minute papers

Rob Huddleston during presentation

Rob Huddleston / Paul Whittaker

Jacob Schlaepfer

Rob Huddleston

Rob Huddleston, is Senior Lecturer and Director of Collaborations at the University of Southampton, Winchester School of Art. With an early background in Fine Art, Rob is actively involved in inter-disciplinary design research and teaching.

He is currently working with textile designer Cheryl Welsh and University of Southampton researchers in Optoelectronics on the next stage of a project with the textile producer Jakob Schlaepfer, Switzerland. He is interested in innovations in design and manufacturing by utilizing historical references such as Japanese printmaking and combinations of drawing, emerging materials and laser technologies.

In 2002 Rob conducted AHRC funded research at Tama Art University, Japan with the aim of exploring possible connections between the materiality of traditional Japanese prints and digital textile printing. It was this experience that led him to start working with Cheryl Welsh and later Jakob Schlaepfer on laser related design ideas.

Paul Whittaker

Dr Paul Whittaker is Senior Lecturer and Director of Education at the University of Southampton, Winchester School of Art. Paul has a PhD in material histories from Goldsmiths’ College, University of London. He has exhibited nationally and internationally, led research seminars on European identity and difference at the University of Massachusetts and published conference papers for the Higher Education Academy.

His research interests centre on promoting innovation through the re-consideration of established practices by way of unconventional means; and experimentation and speculation regarding temporality and time in the creative process. Paul is currently lead academic on a European Union funded interdisciplinary design project that involves six European partners in the digital reinterpretation of historical textiles.