Cutting Edge Lasers and Creativity Symposium

About the Symposium

Marlene Little artwork

Attended by practitioners, researchers and technologists across a range of creative fields - fine art, jewelry, textiles and 3D design - the symposium explored the use of lasers in the creative arts and design.

Working with lasers creates a physical distance between the artist/designer and the artwork/design. How is this 'distance' exploited or mitigated in the creative process?

What approaches enable experimentation and result in innovation? How central is the creative use of software? How do practitioners become aware of technologies in sufficient detail to exploit them and explore at the boundary edges?

Does the knowledge of materials science and the fundamentals behind laser processing inform creative work? Is it necessary to learn individually by trial and error? How can happy accidents be encouraged/facilitated?

Research papers, artist presentations, discussion panels and digital posters are available on this site.

20-minute papers

Artist presentations