Cutting Edge Lasers and Creativity Symposium

Artist presentations

Joanne Berry during presentation

Joanne Berry

Distance + Planned Decisions

Originally from Burnley, I have studied Natural History Illustration, Illustration, Graphic Design and Printmaking. Exhibiting widely throughout the country, my work is well regarded, with pieces in the V&A and ACE Collections.

In 2002 I completed work at Loughborough University as an Advanced Research Fellow funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC). This research period significantly developed my interest in drawing digitally to create inspirational ‘light drawings’, through the application of industrial laser technology and commercial computer software.

Since then, I have been continuing to develop my understanding of technological processes in order to push the boundaries and possibilities in the design and production of site-specific artwork through exhibitions and public art commissions.

In the last year I have been researching and developing new ways in which it might be possible to create customized sculptural light drawing samples, funded by ACE and am currently working on a new project called Hybridization” – let’s evolve’ a series of site-specific interventions in Derby , 2011.