Cutting Edge Lasers and Creativity Symposium

Artist presentations

Rachael Nee during presentation

Rachael Nee

Carbon Based Forms

I use the carbon trace left from a candle flame to make smoke drawings. To me this ephemeral material expresses the passage of time, memory, absence and fragility.

My recent works have taken a look at the sooty material itself, the element of carbon, often called ‘the backbone of life’. This was the starting point for a series of works called ‘Carbon Based Forms’. The laser cut patterns are drawn from the creases that remain from unfolded origami.

Having initially studied ceramics at Bristol Polytechnic I have no doubt the reason why I’m drawn to using fire as a creative tool. I work with and enjoy the element of risk, fire creates an irreversible transformation, there is no going back; images cannot be unburned.

I was elected an Academician of the Royal West of England Academy in 2007 and selected for the Jerwood Drawing prize in 2005.